404 pages, a burden or life saver?

Although to many the site of a 404 page may be disconcerting notifying a user that there is an error within the navigation of your site, they may also be an incredibly useful reason for developing your websites 404 page.

A 404 page is what is shown when navigation within your website fails, it is often the point when potential customers lose faith in your site and decide to leave. However developing your 404 page to contain images, animation, and useful text can keep a customer for long enough for them to find there way back to your website.

Most websites including large corporations don’t bother even putting links back to the website the user came from on there 404 page. Which is madness because if someone does have this occur to them your forcing them to research the title of the webpage or to go back to a point in there web history before navigational errors occurred in the site.

Pages like the image below irritate viewers and could possibly cause them to leave the site all together without returning to the site.

However companys like Pixar have customised there 404 error page and the result is a lot more likely to retain a potential customer.

Amazon learnt first hand he importance of 404 pages when many of there users were taken to it earlier this year, despite having small customisation on it it failed to have the main aspects of a good 404 page which:

  1. Support the company’s overall brand and messaging;
  1. Successfully redirect website visitors elsewhere on the page through clear navigation and support.

404 pages can vary greatly but they should be interesting a definitely contain links back to the website at a minimum or you could be losing out on quite a few potential clients in the long run.

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